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Ancient wisdom meets cutting edge, high-vibe nutrition to provide an unparalleled school of holistic health teachings. Through this course you will learn all the sacred knowledge necessary to access the transformative power of a high living foods lifestyle in a fun, practical and exciting way. You will also learn advanced trainings in growing a health and wellness career.

What This Course Can Do For You

Summary of Course Benefits

“I believe that the Holistic Health Mastery Course is the most in depth, valuable, and comprehensible program that I have come across.” 

Dia Florentino – Creative Arts Coach, Meditation Guide, Writer, & Teacher

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Synopsis of Curriculum

Fully Integrating Raw
and Super Foods

The Ancient Wisdom of
Traditional Tonic

Detoxification Principles
& Effective Cleansing

Create an Invincible
Immune System

Repair Digestive
Compromise and Create
Optimal Digestion

Balancing Hormones
With Natural Foods

Improvement of Brain
Function & Prevention of

Pre-Pregnancy Cleansing,
Pregancy Nutrition, and
Child Development

Understanding &
Prevention of all
Degenerative Diseases

Create a Conscious
Business You Love and
that Loves You, our
Planet & People

“The Holistic Health Mastery course, in my honest opinion, has the potential to save our planet and completely upgrade the state of humanity.” 

Adrian Lobo – Dancer, Movement Instructor, Holistic Therapist

Praise from Students and Graduates

We’re honored to continue seeing the outstanding reviews pouring in from our students and a high-vibe community of holistic wellness seekers who can attest to the power of the program.  Read even more inspiring stories here.

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    Dancer, Movement Instructor, Holistic Therapist

    “The Holistic Health Mastery course created by Ronnie Landis, in my honest opinion, has the potential to save our planet and ... Read More
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    Transformation Health Coach

    "The Holistic Health Mastery Program is straight deep wisdom and crucial information for those wishing to uplevel their understanding of nutritional ... Read More
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    Holistic Health Advocate and Educator

    “Ronnie is like an artist that cannot be easily categorized as he simply does not fit into any preexisting proverbial box ... Read More
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    Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

    “Ronnie’s exceptional knowledge and passion as a holistic health alchemist is reflected in The Holistic Health Mastery course. The information in ... Read More
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    Creative arts coach, Meditation guide, Writer, & Teacher

    “I believe that the Holistic Health Mastery Course is the most in depth, valuable, and comprehensible program that I have come ... Read More
  • testi-grace

    Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Founder of Gracious Living Lifestyle Tropical Retreats

    "Ronnie Landis is definitely passionate about what he teaches from how he lives. There is no doubt about it! He is ... Read More
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    Professional Elite Cyclist

    “The Holistic Mastery Course has taken both my health and wits to a new level. As an elite mountain biker, I ... Read More
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    Holistic Nutritionist & Private Chef

    “Ronnie’s Holistic Health Mastery Course is amazing! It was exactly what I was searching for. I feel blessed to have received ... Read More

About Ronnie Landis

Ronnie’s mission is to awaken your greatest potential and help you discover new super powers that are hidden inside, just waiting to be unlocked. As an author, professional speaker, lifestyle design specialist and private consultant, Ronnie Landis has become one of the leading sources for raw living foods and super  foods, tonic herbalism, blender alchemy, peak performance strategies and functional nutrition. He conducts live presentations, workshops, raw chocolate parties and retreats regularly. He’s the author of The Life Food Peak Performance System  and The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program.

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“ When it comes to health, Ronnie has a keen sense of where we’ve been and where we are going.”

David Wolfe – Celebrity Spokesperson, Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert