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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course accredited?

The Holistic Health Mastery Program is a non-accredited independent ho-listic nutrition certification course. This course is not affiliated with any outside accreditations because we choose to retain complete control and freedom of all of the educational material presented in this course. We believe in upgrading the education experience by providing the very best information on health, nu-trition, personal growth, and transformation therefore we have chosen to re-main an independently operated program.

How long will it take to complete?

This varies depending on the students level of immediate dedication, time constraints, and competency. The curriculum is designed to allow each student to proceed at their own pace and feel comfortable with what they learn without rushing the process. The primary focus of this program is to provide education first and when the student is ready to feel completely confident to venture into their online 100 multiple question certification test. Generally students who watch 1-2 videos per day can complete the course in 3-6 months. Each video is approximately 7-18 minutes including a broken down set of written principles from the video lesson and presentation style imagery to imbed the information further.

Will this course help me coach clients?

Yes! You will receive the best education on all the critical areas of holistic health, natural nutrition, cleansing, and lifestyle transformation needed to as-sist clients of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and health levels. Beyond we have provided a special bonus video series on “Coaching Mastery” to further em-power you as a expert health coach who understands the psychology, emotional temperance, and practical strategies involved in taking your clients to their greatest potential.

Is there a community support group?

Yes! We have included a private student community Facebook group. This allows the students in the course to dynamically interact with one another, ask questions, get feedback, and have direct access to Ronnie Landis. This has proven to be a well spring of inspiration, motivation, and practical insight for students looking to excel in their professional and personal goals.

Will there be a continuation fee after 12 months?

No, there will be no required continuation fee once you are signed up for the program. This is one of the features that makes our course unique among most of the courses online. Most programs require you to pay a continuation charge 6-12 months following your enrollment. This program was designed to be a powerful educational platform that has a certification course built into it. We operate from a blueprint of abundance, prosperity, and patience which allows us to extend the material in this course to each student in a way that does not rush, pressure, or insist on additional costs down the road. Once you enroll into the Holistic Health Mastery Program you are welcomed into our growing community and have complete access to the current program and all future upgrades and bonuses as a lifetime member!

Do I have to Start the Program Right Away?

No. Once you enroll into the course you can begin watching videos as soon as you like. Since we do not enforce a 6-12 month continuation cost or time re-striction you can sign up and jump in at your best opportunity. We understand that each person lives a unique lifestyle, is in a unique place in their life, and has varied motivations for taking the program. It is our goal to support you in the best way we can which is to allow you complete freedom to begin as you choose. You also are given the freedom to jump around the course material as you see fit. You do not have to watch video 1-70 and then 70-125 in a straight line. You can exercise your curiosity and when you are ready to dedicate your-self to the certification process begin from start to finish at your own desired pace.