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tumblr_nb983z9hRk1rwq4ldo1_500 The Truth About Prosperity & Your Health 11.04.2017 - “Prosperity is normal. Poverty is abnormal.” Joan McCall “When your dealing with infinite you can never take more than you’re share.” Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power The basic definition of prosperity is the state of being prosperous. This single concept can seem like a complete anomaly to many people because it seems to contradict the […]
veggies-3 The Real Deal on Mineral Nutrition 24.03.2017 - By Ronnie Landis, The basic infrastructure to the human frame is predicated on a wide spectrum of biologically active minerals. The geology of the earth is built out of the same elements that build our bodies, secure our skeletal structure, conduct nerve transmissions, insulate our inner-tubing system, digest our food, initiate hormone secretions, and allow […]
Antahkarana-Spiral-of-Spiritual-Illumination-Energy-energyenhancement-org How to Get the Most Energy from your Food 20.02.2017 - By Ronnie Landis The great riddle of nutrition relies on one's unique metabolism and adjusting their macronutrients according to how they produce energy from food. The complications in diet ideology are rooted in a one size fits all concept. This approach can never be accurate as no two people are identical in their metabolic signature. […]
images The Longevity Connection of Cacao (Chocolate) 20.11.2016 - “Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea, and universal medicine” Geronimo Piperni, Quoted by 1796 Surgeon Antonio Lavedan Chocolate has been linked to long life for a long time. This one single food has probably the longest lineage of any […]
IMG_8839 The Most Important Green Super Food of the Future! 14.11.2016 - Chlorella is a single-celled green algae that gets its name from it’s rich chlorophyl content, this is also where it gets its deep green pigmentation. It is the highest known food in the blood building nutrient chlorophyl, 3-5% per gram, some even suggest 10% per gram, whereas the best wheat grass juice may contain at […]
lifestyle-habits-contribute-greatly-to-longevity The Most Powerful Health Philosophy in the World 31.10.2016 - By Ronnie Landis The concept of life force energy has been discussed all throughout history. As a student of the Chinese herbal approach, I have grown to understand the different views on healing based on the philosophy of the great masters. In the Chinese understanding of the life force principles, they drew heavily on a […]
Buddhateas Reishi Mushroom Tea The Most Important Herb in the World 24.10.2016 - Reishi(Ganoderma lucidum) may be the most revered and cherished herb in the entire world, especially in the Chinese herbal lineage. This mushroom has carried many titles such as “The Great Protector”, “The Herb of Fortune”, “The Herb of Immortality”, and “The Spirit Mushroom”. The Taoist monks believe reishi was the “elixir of immortality” increasing and […]
medicinal-mushrooms-benefits-beta-glucans Exploring “Magic” Mushrooms 21.10.2016 - Exploring "Magic" Mushrooms By Ronnie Landis Through my health exploration I was exposed to one of the greatest discoveries in the natural healing field, which is that of fungi, otherwise known as medicinal mushrooms. The term medicinal mushrooms speaks to a category of herbs in differing medicinal systems, most notably the East Asian systems of […]
babycalm-touch-therapy Physical Touch & Emotional Health 14.09.2016 - By Ronnie Landis When it comes to a healthy body and healthy mind there is more than just food and exercise to consider. The health of our personal relationships plays a major role in our holistic health, perhaps even the biggest role over all. It is a well known fact that when someone who has […]
plant-based-diet Mastering a Plant Based Lifestyle 28.07.2016 - By Ronnie Landis In order to achieve optimal results in all areas of our lives we must begin with a solid foundation. This is where whole foods presented in their natural state come in. The power of positive thinking can only take us so far if the vehicle we are using loses it’s fluidity and […]